WHCDC's Week of the Young Child 2018

Room 104's Carton 2 Garden Project!

Students from room 104 participated in a Carton 2 Garden project! These students collected a grand total of 858 cartons with help from the University of New Haven, the West Haven Senior Center, West Haven Public Schools, students families, and the West Haven Child Development Center.

"When we decided to join the Carton 2 Garden Project, our classroom took a few days to decide how we wanted to incorporate cartons into our garden. The kids finally decided on making a parking lot for the bicycles on our playground, equipped with lanes. This inspiration was drawn from not having a designated area specifically for our bikes. We thought it would be a great idea to involve our Infant/Toddler program by having our cartons up against the fence so they could see the plants growing. We also thought it was a creative way to finally have a designated parking spot while also teaching them how to grow a garden that we can eat from through the use of using recycled/reusable materials. What better way to helping them understand nature and healthy eating than by doing it hands on? Overall, it was a very fun and interactive way to teach them a number of skills that will be beneficial to them later on in life.

Our main goal for the project included creating a sustainable garden in our cartons. Our secondary goal was to create an effective parking lot for our bicycles. Our third goal was to teach the children about healthy eating habits and how you can grow healthy food right on our playground. Other goals included gaining skills that they will be able to use everyday in life, including interacting cooperatively with peers, problem solving and engaging in scientific inquiry. These goals, developed by the team leaders, were created with the consideration of the project participants. We have 17 preschool children between the ages of 3 and 5 who helped create our “bike lot”. They helped throughout the entire process of our project, including painting, planting, constructing, counting and cleaning cartons. Though a lengthy process, our project had a big impact on the children. They learned how to work together, gained fine motor skills through painting, learned about recycling and how it helps our environment and how to grow healthy foods.

For years, our center has emphasized the importance of healthy eating, especially through the creation and yearly maintenance of our very own garden on our playground where we grow our own fruits and vegetables for the entire school. What makes our project unique is that this year, we were able to go the extra mile and incorporate recycling while learning all of the benefits it brings to the environment. We were also able to get the community involved that was made up of a range of ages from infants and toddlers to senior citizens. We created a long-lasting project that gives back to the environment and gives back to the community that helped us. All the while, our children learned so many new skills that will benefit their overall development and help them live successful lives as they grow older."

While this was a classroom project for room 104, it was a center wide effort. Every single staff member at WHCDC participated in some way, shape, or form. Thank you to the entire staff and center, but a huge congratulations goes out to Miss Meghan, Mrs Selena, and the entire 104 class! We are so proud and impressed with your hard work!

Please check out their youtube video of the entire project here

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2018 Project Innovation Winners!

The West Haven Child Development Center was awarded a $10,000 grant from NBC Connecticut and Telemundo as apart of their Project Innovation Program! Click to see some of our staff and students that were featured

The West Haven Child Development Center is pleased to announce, Intro to Early Childhood Education and Child Development courses will be available this Fall. Register through the West Haven Adult Education Programs web portal : https://westhavenadulted.coursestorm.com/

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