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September 25, 2014

Did you know that Saturday, September 20, 2014 was the World Wide Day of Play? The World Wide Day of Play was started by the Nickelodeon creators. On Saturday, the channel went dark for three hours to promote the message: Get Up, get out, and go play! Events were held all over the world to encourage people to go outside. If you had not heard about this event, there is still time to participate on your own or with your family. Here is a list of some easy activities to do and fun ways to acknowledge this event.

Laura Zilyte, a preschool teacher, recommends taking out the bikes and sidewalk chalk for young children. You can use chalk to draw roads, parking lots and buildings in the community (e.g. your local school, favorite ice cream store, grocery store, animal shelter, bank, city hall and a playground). Label the drawings to promote word recognition. Hop on a bike and visit each place. You can study the wind using bubbles, pinwheels and a kite. Start a conversation with your child or grandchildren about the wind.

West Haven is a great spot to begin studying about nature and science. The beach area provides ample opportunities to take part in a day of play. You can ride a bike, walk your dog, paddle a kayak, have a friendly game of volleyball, and hunt for sea glass, crabs or shells. Maybe it is time to start fishing. Join the others already on the piers. Once again ask the others on the pier what types of fish they have caught. Keep the conversation going and explore other types of fish that might be caught in the sound. If none of these activities appeal to you or your child, simply take a leisurely stroll along the walkway and say hello to passersby.

If you get tired, you can simply lie on the ground, look at the sky and observe the clouds. If by chance it starts to rain, take shelter and create a game about all the fun ways there are to play in West Haven. Remember, it is never too late to Get Up, get out, and go play!

Dr. Patrice Farquharson

Executive Director of the West Haven Child Development Center and core faculty member at Charter Oak State College currently teaching the course Psychology of Play

From the Director's Desk

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Children and staff at the West Haven Child Development Center joined Mayor Ed O'Brien for the official opening of the recently renovated infant and toddler playground named in honor of retiring staff member Gayle van Dijk

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