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Featured in the picture above (left) are West Haven Mayor, John Picard, and Health Director Maureen Lillis. They visited our Yale Nursing Student Interns, along with Nurse Practitioners Susan and Michelle, our Nurse Penny, SCSU Professors Dr. Bogart and Dr. Major, Sacred Heart Academy Intern Gabrielle, Post Grad Intern Heidi, and Dr. Farquharson. The group discussed the community health project that the Yale Nursing Student Interns worked on here at the West Haven Child Development Center during the summer.

Other collaborative partnerships within the community:

Each Christmas, WHCDC participates in Toys for Tots with the West Haven Fire Department. Firefighter John Drost delivers bags of toys for families at our Center. As a result of their generosity, many of our children received gifts that they otherwise would not have.

Summer 2012 will mark the 13th year of the summer preschool practicum, a collaborative partnership between WHCDC, Southern Connecticut State University, and the West Haven Board of Education. Each summer, we run an inclusive program for select WHCDC students, which provides a training site for graduate SCSU students seeking certification in early childhood. This program emphasizes individual attention and positive social and play experiences for the participating children.

In addition to SCSU, we also partner with the University of New Haven. Through their very competitive Fellowship Program, twelve to fourteen UNH students learn all there is to know about the towns of West Haven and New Haven. These students volunteer in our classrooms and work with individual children.

For several years students from University of New Haven Dental Hygiene School and their instructor have presented to our preschool children how to take care of their teeth, foods that are healthy and unhealthy for teeth, and how a hygienist may dress for work. For any child who is receptive, they then briefly assess the childs teeth and send a note to his or her parents.

In 2010, WHCDC welcomed two interns from the Yale School of Management, who built us the original website, secured the original Success by Six Grant from United Way, and assisted with other fundraising efforts. Our Development Coordinator secured renewed Success by Six funding for the 2011-2012 school year, so we can continue our efforts in preparing children for Kindergarten.

Since 2010, Fairfield University third-year nursing students have presented a lead-poisoning prevention program called Mr. Lead Spot to some of our preschool children. Besides promoting healthy habits in a way that preschoolers enjoy, it is part of a university research project which assesses the childrens knowledge before and after the program. In 2011, another group of nursing students from Fairfield University conducted a study to determine reasons for absenteeism from school.

Advanced practice nursing students from Yale and Quinnipiac Universities also spent clinical time here in 2010 and 2011. WHCDC is an outstanding opportunity for them to learn growth and development patterns of typical infants, toddlers, and preschool children, use of screening tools, and assessment and management of health and illness states in children.


West Haven Child Development Center was recently selected by NBC Connecticut as a 2018 winner of their Project Innovation Award! WHCDC will be receiving a grant to put SmartBoards into classrooms at the center! Thank you NBC Connecticut for this wonderful opportunity!

Visit this link to see some of our staff and students that were featured!

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2018 Project Innovation Winners!

The West Haven Child Development Center was awarded a $10,000 grant from NBC Connecticut and Telemundo as apart of their Project Innovation Program! Click to see some of our staff and students that were featured

The West Haven Child Development Center is pleased to announce, Intro to Early Childhood Education and Child Development courses will be available this Fall. Register through the West Haven Adult Education Programs web portal : https://westhavenadulted.coursestorm.com/

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