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BSW Intern from SCSU


        My name is Andrea Pender, and I am currently a senior in the social work program at Southern Conneticut State University. Picking my internship was a very tricky process. I originally suggested to be placed at an internship through DCF like several of my other classmates. DCF was only going to accept a small portion of interns from Southern, and I didn’t want to risk not getting accepted and not having a plan to fall back on. That is when my field placement advisor suggested that I come to the West Haven Child Development Center.

        My experience here thus far has been nothing short of amazing, I’ve grown an attachment to the children that attend the program, and I love to see the growth that they are continuing to make. I’m currently working along side Kaitlyn Croteau (MSW intern) on an informational session for parents that have questions, and concerns regarding the kindergarten registration process. I am also beginning to run intakes for the program, attend PPT meetings, and child study meetings throughout the school year. Along the way I have learned countless valuable lessons, and I have been blessed to be in the presence of such fascinating people who are definitely passionate about what they do. It has been an incredible experience developing, and I am eager to find out what else the center has in store for me.


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