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Gratitude from a Student Intern


August 27, 2011
Dear Dr. Patrice Farquharson,
Thank you so much for letting me complete both of my internships at the West Haven Child Development Center this summer.  I really appreciated the opportunity to work with such a talented and dedicated staff like yours. I learned many valuable lessons about being an administrator and hope to someday be as successful as you.  Your program is just outstanding.  As a full-time Kindergarten teacher, I understand the effort and dedication that it takes to prepare a child for Kindergarten.  Your center goes above and beyond ensuring that your students are ready for Kindergarten. 
I appreciated the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the center.  I am grateful for all the time that you spent with me.  It was so beneficial to be able to meet with you daily, review my learning goals, and accomplish them together.  From the first day of my internship to my last, I felt more welcome than I have in any other professional experience. 
I will never forget the wonderful experiences that I had at your center.  One of the most beneficial learning experiences that I had was grant writing.  I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to learn how to write a grant and work closely with you and your colleagues that have successfully written grants.  I am so excited that your center received money for the grant that I wrote for First Niagara Bank. Thank you for everything.  You were a wonderful supervisor and are an outstanding director. 
 Heidi A. Natalino
 Master’s in HS, Management Student (Post)

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