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MSW Intern from Southern CT State University


          I came upon this internship at the West Haven Child Development Center by the Social Work Field Office at Southern Connecticut State University. My paper work for the social work masters program had gotten lost and in turn was processed late by the university, and they were forced to come up with an internship for me quickly. Normally you give the field office your resume and field application first, but because I was behind I had to describe to the field director the internship I had in mind for myself. He told me right away that he had something in mind for me. I was sent to the West Haven Child Development Center for an interview with social worker Patrick Adams. Some social work interns go on multiple interviews before discovering a good fit for their first year internship. This being my first interview I had anticipated not settling in right away. However, after touring the school and meeting with Patrick I felt the center was a good fit for me and concluded my search.

            What I like most about my internship is the variety. I get exposed to many different aspects of the center, as well as many different aspects of social work. I have been assisting in do intakes for new clients at the center. I observed for a few months, but I have just recently completed my first intake by myself. I sit in on School Readiness meetings, Planning and Placement Team Meetings (PPT), and staff meetings. I have been exposed to some grant writing. At Thanksgiving and Christmas I helped organize food and clothing donations that were donated to the school by a non-profit organization.

            In January I launched a music and movement program. I received my undergraduate degree in dance performance. I continue to dance and teach dance to young children. As part of my internship I developed a twelve-week music and movement curriculum for the center that started on January 10th. The first week the children learned a “feather dance,” and this week they have transformed into buzzing bees and birds! I will also be assisting Clifford Beers clinician, Emily Nicotra, with her Playmakers play therapy group over the next eight weeks.

            My experience at the Center has been very beneficial in fostering my learning in the social work field. Whenever I discuss with my peers at school what I am learning at my internship they envy the variety that I have been exposed to. I look forward to this semester of my internship, and all of the new learning opportunities that will come with it!

-Kaitlyn Crouteau

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